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          桥新闻: Hughes Hall researchers get the inside track on where to go if you want to change the world.

          Cambridge has one of the best translational ecosystems in the world, so we kicked off our Leadership and Impact Series with a lively panel made up of the City’s translational experts.

          A key component of the Bridge is preparing our current research community for life – and impact – beyond the college gates: in other research environments, business, policy-making, and practice. As part of this, we are developing a series of 桥事件, focussing on research translation, impact, and career progression. These events support our 影响领导力项目 (ILP) for early-career researchers to help maximise their impact and employability, and enhance their CV, whilst studying at 最新网上赌场, but are also relevant for the whole College community.

          The Bridge series began with a lively panel discussion in December 2019 on the 剑桥平移生态系统. It was an opportunity to hear from the key experts and institutions involved in the effective translation of research into policy, practice and industry.

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          尼古拉·巴克利 is Associate Director at the Centre for Science and Policy, with a mission is to improve public policy through more effective use of evidence and expertise by creating opportunities for public policy professionals and academics to learn from each other.


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          The Leadership and Impact series will continue with events on a range of issues from entrepreneurship and public service to R&D in industry.

          For more information on the Bridge initiative, visit: www.13808087731.com/homepage/bridge. For further details of the 影响领导力项目, visit: www.13808087731.com/homepage/bridge/learning.

          To discuss ways in which you might get involved, email Dr Stephen Axford, Director of Research Translation, bridge.director@hughes.cam.ac.uk.

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